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2013-12-22 10:23:38 by Susurroushydra

So I read something about the new text editor. This look pretty cool.

Road of the dead 2

2013-08-26 13:26:35 by Susurroushydra

It's too amazing for my computer, that's why it won't load.


2013-05-10 15:40:55 by Susurroushydra

so i was honestly reviewing this shit daily first and then i obviously had no brain and voted 5

Why i should..

2013-04-25 09:40:13 by Susurroushydra

..start moving my ass and make a piece of art? Because on Saturday it's Pico Day!
Here's a wip: (also it's called Sun w/ Darnell)

Why i should..

Yeah, hello.
This is a new account since my old email was crap and i lost my username and password and so on.
But on this account, i decide to do much more than i usually did in Newgrounds.
I'll decide to become an artist!
I don't do flash or gifs so don't expect me to draw a whole flash for you.
Also i use a mouse to draw so you'd get a pretty low rating for bad drawings on your flashes.
I can review your flashes too if you want to. ^^